OK, Let’s Get Started!

You Must Complete These Steps Quickly After Registering!

Here’s Why… As soon as you register, a countdown timer begins in all 3 back offices. If you delay, the timer will run out, and you’ll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. That will obviously knock you further down the matrix than you would have been, potentially costing you any Spillover you would have accrued if you’d acted immediately. Note that you are not officially in line to receive Donations, until you finish your setup. Complete everything on this page right away, so you are optimally positioned.

If you are on this page that means you have already done the prerequisite step of clicking “Register” on all 3 programs: CryptoMafia, CrazeBTC, and FundMyCause. (That was simply setting up your username, etc. to create your initial profile.) So, now it’s time to fund your accounts, which “locks” your position into the matrices on all 3 activities. This is a breeze. We will also be doing a few other necessary (as well as a couple optional) steps. Simply follow the instructions.

This page makes it SUPER duplicatable to keep your business 100% automated. You never have to be stuck on the phone to hand-hold, or “walk anyone through” setup. These steps do that for you. Remember, we are treating this as a 100% “No Talking To People” Biz Model!! The majority of us wish to keep this a Hands-Off, Passive project (aside from marketing.) In keeping with that theme, if you have any questions or need any help – EMAIL, TEXT, or FACEBOOK your sponsor.

5 Easy Phases To Profit

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering


Laying the groundwork.

Do each step slowly and carefully

This is a “No Phone Calls” biz – keep it AUTOMATED!
Email, Text or Facebook your inviter if you have any questions.
If you need more help than that, there’s another support option towards the bottom of this page.

Part 1-A

Part 1-B

You may already have a Coinbase account from a previous business. This video assumes you don’t have one, so it shows you how to set up your account, and then fund your wallet, with the money you’ll need to upgrade in these 2 activities.

At the 4:00 marker on the video, after he shows you how to attach your credit or debit card, for the actual funding part he selects the BTC (bitcoin) denomination. Select your LOCAL currency instead.

If you decided to do the minimum setup, put $75 into your wallet. If you want to earn FASTER and HIGHER with the accelerated plan, put $200 into your wallet. (We are rounding up because BTC/bitcoin value fluctuates.)

Part 1-C


Upgrading in CryptoMafia, CrazeBTC and FundMyCause.

Do each step slowly and carefully

This is a “No Phone Calls” biz – keep it AUTOMATED!
Email, Text or Facebook your inviter if you have any questions.
If you need more help than that, there’s another support option towards the bottom of this page.

Part 2-A

*NOTE that before you can upgrade or move forward after logging into CryptoMafia, you must enter your bitcoin address, so you can receive your donations! Tab over to your Coinbase account which you’re already logged into, and here’s where to find the long string of letters and numbers that comprise your bitcoin address:

Accounts (left) > BTC Wallet (middle) > Get bitcoin address (right)

After you’ve pasted that into the box in CryptoMafia, the following video walks you through upgrading to Level 1.

*NOTE: Ignore anything suggesting that you use Blockchain, for any of the 3 businesses. We are only teaching Coinbase.

*NOTE: When he gets to the 1:20 marker on the video, he TYPES in the BTC donation amount from the CryptoMafia back office. We suggest PASTING it instead, so you do not make an error.

One other important thing….
DO NOT put anything in the notes box! We obviously don’t want to shout from the rooftops to Coinbase that we’re doing a “biz opp” through their platform.

Part 2-B

Once again, just as was required for the 1st program, you will need to set your bitcoin address for payouts before you can proceed. To refresh your memory, you’ll tab over to Coinbase (already open) and find that string here:

Accounts (left) > BTC Wallet (middle) > Get bitcoin address (right)

Then, you can proceed. This video walks you through upgrading to Level 1 in Craze (very similar process to what you just did in Mafia.)

Part 2-C

Here is a video for upgrading in FundMyCause. The steps will be very similar to what you just did for Mafia and Craze. You need to simply process the admin fee, and input the transaction hash again. Then process the Upgrade to level 1 and input the transaction hash. (Just like you did for the previous 2 businesses.)

WHEW! We Are Done With Your (Basic) Funding Setup!

Congrats – You Are Ready And Primed To Earn Like A Mafia “Don”

Fast-Track Accelerated Earning Plan!

Follow these additional steps ONLY if you are doing the advanced entry, and you put $200 into your Coinbase, as per Part 1-A above. If you are coming in minimally at the $65, skip Part 2-D & 2-E. And move on to “Get Website”.

Part 2-D

You will need to wait about 10 minutes in between each upgrade, for it to complete in the system, before you can move on and upgrade to the next level. You will know the upgrade is complete when you a) receive a confirmation email, or b) refresh the page in your CryptoMafia back office, and see a “1” (or 2, 3, etc.) in the blue slider under your name.

Your goal is to do the upgrade process 4 times total, to get to Level 4 in your back office.

Here is the video to remind you how to upgrade in Mafia.

Part 2-E

Here is the video reminder for how to upgrade in Craze.

Simply repeat what you did for upgrading to Level 1, one more time. And again, you need to wait about 10 minutes in between upgrades for it to propagate in the system. You will know it has taken place when you refresh the page and see your level has changed.

Congratulations – You Have Made It Halfway Through!

You hit 2 out of 5 points on the map already.
The last 3 are super quick and easy. Keep scrolling!


Pick a custom funnel.

Do each step slowly and carefully

This is a “No Phone Calls” biz – keep it AUTOMATED!
Email, Text or Facebook your inviter if you have any questions.
If you need more help than that, there’s another support option towards the bottom of this page.

Our Marketing Funnel Raises The Roof!

We Don’t Do Cookie-Cutter.

If you are on this site, by now you have experienced the Trifecta and seen it in motion. You initially visited www.TapIntoTheTrifecta.com and it very likely is what sold you on this activity. It’s doing that for hundreds of other people as well. It ties a nice red bow on the Triple-play business model we’re doing, combining Mafia, Craze, and FMC. Not only does it unite the 3 in an easy-to-understand format, making it comprehensive and attractive to prospects… But it does all the “selling and telling”, so YOU don’t have to explain anything! (Or ever talk to people for that matter – it really drives the Autopilot concept home in a big way.) And after someone joins you, this back-end “Directions” page walks newbies A-Z through setup, funding, and monthly maintenance.

Without the Trifecta site being the window-dressing to weave our 3 bitcoin biz’s together… it would be a real challenge to convey the merged concept. This funnel is doing that, effortlessly.

Alternatively, you can use the sites you get from Mafia/Craze/FMC, and hope for the best. But they’re really more on the bland side – no pizazz or personality. Instead, your custom site will be branded to YOU, making you relateable, real, unique and memorable to your audience.

Brandy is making the awesome sites like the one you came through, for whoever wants one. Conversions SKYROCKET when people use her stuff. So contact her if you’d like her to replicate one for you. Her work is highly customized with photos, etc., as you can see by the person’s site you’re on. That takes her awhile to do all that in Photoshop, so she has a small cover fee for her time and effort. Contact her to inquire. Her queue is usually packed, but see what she can do for you. Just tell her you’re interested in the Trifecta marketing funnel.

Your upline can send you her contact info.


Drive some traffic to help facilitate signups.

Do each step slowly and carefully

This is a “No Phone Calls” biz – keep it AUTOMATED!
Email, Text or Facebook your inviter if you have any questions.
If you need more help than that, there’s another support option towards the bottom of this page.

It All Hinges On Traffic

We Know A Guy…

If you need help with marketing and facilitating some signups for yourself, you could optionally get a Co-op share from PostMyAdsPlease (we’ve worked with them for years – they’re awesome!)

They’re super attentive, friendly, and very good at what they do. They have traffic packages ranging Text Campaigns, Ringless Drops, Phone Broadcasting, Solo Ads, Backpage, Craigslist, Postcards, Newspapers, and even Magazine Ads sometimes. Comb through their site – you’ll love the options. Pretty diverse, and something affordable for any budget. The site explains why the marketing is effective, and illustrates what they can do for you.

Of course they cannot guarantee sales (no one can predict or control what happens with a prospect) but they drive highly targeted, quality traffic, some of which usually converts. And if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, they are not adverse to running your campaign over again. Naturally some runs have yielded me less results, some more, as is the nature of paid marketing. But they’ve always been amenable to keeping me satisfied with my traffic results.

There are no monthly fees with the co-ops. You just pay as you need it. On their site they say up to 45 days for fulfillment. Its usually faster. And they go above what the package provides, to compensate for any potentially bad leads, etc.

PMAP is pretty good at what they do. They’re the only place we can confidently recommend for traffic.

If you are also getting a website from Brandy, she will waive her site fee if you get a Co-op share! (She works out a deal with them on referring in customers.) You would be getting 1 of the 2 (site or Co-op share) for next to nothing, so it may behoove you to take advantage of that bundle. Ask Brandy the details on that. Contact her direct if you want a site and she’ll go over it with you.

And/or click the button on the right hand side to visit PMAP’s site.


Stay in eligible status to keep receiving Donations.

Do each step slowly and carefully

This is a “No Phone Calls” biz – keep it AUTOMATED!
Email, Text or Facebook your inviter if you have any questions.
If you need more help than that, there’s another support option towards the bottom of this page.

Just 1 More Order Of Business

Keeping Your Earnings Maintained (SUSTAINED)

After you set up, fund, get a website, optionally purchase a Co-op share, and perhaps drive some traffic of your own, the only thing left to do is put it on CRUISE CONTROL. Aside from whatever marketing you may do, the 1 and only (but MEGA important!) remaining responsibility, is to stay ahead in processing your Donations each month. This ensures that you remain in active status for INCOMING Donations, either from your own created downline, from spillover you have already seen Donations from, or from NEW spill that hasn’t occurred yet. Remember, everyone processes their Donations each month, so this essentially could be a nice residual for you, maintained simply by keeping your own accounts up to date. Donations are optional and never required or recurring. But the last thing you’d want to do is let your account lapse, lose your standing in the matrix, and lose out on a pocketful of cash. Even if it’s slow-going at first, make sure you process the second month, so you can give both your advertising, and the Team Build efforts, a chance to assimilate some action to your part of the matrix!!

For 3 short, comprehensive videos that explain when to renew – as well as how to determine when to upgrade for Mafia Craze and FMC – click the button below for a quick page on Monthly Maintenance!!

Odds & Ends

Just A Few Additional To-do’s…

Get Plugged In

Join Our Facebook Group

Click the button to get placed in our private Facebook group! There will be periodic updates, camaraderie, and just general encouragement. It’s a good way to stay current with things like renewals, changes & updates, and anything new coming down the pipeline in regards to marketing, etc. One note though: while you should have fun and mingle with others, please don’t overburden the group administrator with any support issues or questions that can be answered by your sponsor. He’s allowing everyone in the group so we can all have a blast, but we don’t want any one person to get buried with messages that can/should be handled via the upline chain.

Confused/Stuck/Frustrated With Any Of The Steps?

Another Option

If you have any trouble with the setup and funding steps on this page, and you want to outsource this task to someone who will do it for you, the aforementioned company we recommend for Co-ops / marketing (PostMyAdsPlease) can handle it for you. They have an Account Management option where they can initially get you set up, and then will maintain your account monthly and renew your donations. Of course, they would consult with you first every month, to see if you want to renew, before they proceed. You all should attempt to do these steps, they’ve been laid out in the clearest way possible. You really should only have someone do Account Management for you if you truly cannot get it to work on your own. Then, you can feel confident that your accounts will be managed by competent, trustworthy people that we know, and can vouch for.


Get This Done

You will notice in your back offices that you can upload an avatar. This looks really cool in the matrix and is great for team spirit, so let’s all get this done. The pic must be 125×125 pixels so if you don’t have an image program to do this, email a photo to Brandy (get her contact info from your upline) and she’ll resize it in Photoshop. Make sure it’s a pic that you’ll look decent in, once it’s resized to a tiny 1-inch square. She will be cropping just your face.


Cloning Your Efforts Is As Easy As…

Let’s keep this one short & sweet. If you want to foster duplication with anyone who may join you, all you simply have to do is send them the welcome email we have pre-written! Honestly. It tells them exactly where to go, and what to do. Download it by clicking the button to the right, and save it for future reference. Then when someone joins you, just paste that email to them, and you are good to go!